Catholic Charities Staff Directory

Executive Director: Father Mark Pranaitis
Director of Human Resources and Special Projects: Joanne Pivarnik

Finance and Administration

Director of Finance and Administration: Terry Seljan
Accounting Clerk: Kathy Chamberlain

Communications and Advancement

Director of Communications and Advancement: Jeff Stur
Communications and Development Coordinator: Jackie Stewart
Grant Specialist: Tim Bandura

Clinical Services

Director of Clinical Services: Dr. Jean Nanos
Therapist: Melanie Johnson
Therapist: Clare Thompson
Therapist: Claire Corday
Therapist: Cheryl Sopo
Therapist: Tamika Hill
Administrative Support: Cheryl Kirkland
Spiritual Advisor: Deacon John Bacon

Client Services

Director of Client Services: LaShawn Jones-Taylor
Intake Worker: Liz Acevedo
Intake Worker: Arnesha Hemphill
Emergency Services Coordinator: Elisa Torres
Administrative Support: Valerie Goode
Administrative Support: Toni King
Financial Education: Ed Merrion

Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Program

Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Program: Charlene Joyce
Program Assistant: Stephanie Miller

Gateway Program

Gateway Program Manager: Kay Hosmer

Immigration Services

Immigration & Legal Services Program Manager: Jose Bustos
Intake Worker: Graciela Ramirez
Consultant: Attorney Don Baker

Women’s Care Center

Counselor: Stefanie Herrera
Counselor: Deborah Robinson
Counselor: Krystal Carlos
Ultrasound Tech: Angie Navarro
Ultrasound Tech: Christy Ores

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