Women's Care Center


Quick Facts:

  • Since opening in 2012, approximately 5,300 women visited to the Women’s Care Center (WCC) located on Indianapolis Blvd., in Hammond, IN more than 34,000 times
  • Nearly 100,000 items have been earned and distributed through the Crib Club Earn and Learn
    program since 2012
  • Approximately 92% of WCC clients chose life
  • Since opening this WCC in 2012, abortions in our community have declined by 38% - helping to save hundreds of moms and babies in Lake County
  • More than 3,800 clients attended parenting, nutrition, financial literacy or other types of educational workshops to strengthen their family


  • WCC offers pregnancy support in many different ways
  • WCC will support its clients during their pregnancies as well as after the birth of their child
  • Through participation in the WCC’s program, clients can earn brand new items for their baby through the organization’s “Crib Club”

Free Pregnancy Testing:

  • WCC’s medical grade, urine pregnancy tests can accurately detect a pregnancy soon after a missed period

Free Ultrasounds:

  • Once it is discovered that a client is pregnant, WCC staff can schedule an ultrasound in order to confirm the client’s date of delivery and allow her to see that tiny beating heart of her baby

Parental Education:

  • If this is the client’s first pregnancy, we can help her feel prepared through our “First Time Mom’s” class. Clients will learn about prenatal care, newborn care, and childbirth preparation

Goal-Setting Program:

  • Pregnancy can seem like a reason to put everything on hold for the client, which is why the WCC makes it a point to help her set and achieve her goals

Group Parenting Classes:

  • After a client has completed her First-Time Mom’s classes, she can join the WCC’s group parenting classes
  • The WCC offers weekly classes that will teach clients a wide range of subjects related to parenting
  • Clients can meet other parents as well as earn diapers and other items for their baby

Crib Club Coupons:

  • By attending WCC classes, clients can earn coupons and exchange them like money in the WCC store
    • Clients can also earn coupons in other ways, such as going to doctor appointments
  • The Crib Club offers most of the essential items that clients need for their babies, including:
    • Diapers, wipers, cribs, car seats, clothing, blankets, bottles, toiletries and toys

Women's Care Center Program
Stefanie Herrera – Program Manager

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