Catholic Charities provides and advocates for the physical, emotional, and social needs of the poor and vulnerable in Northwest Indiana, meeting them right where they are with the help they need, and creating hope for a brighter future regardless of their religious or ethnic background.

Catholic Charities can help create hope for families!

Our goal is to stabilize the current situation and to work with individuals and families to create a plan for a brighter future through the services we provide.

We embrace people where they are and help them find hope to become who they are meant to be, so that individuals grow, families thrive, and communities flourish!

Catholic Charities provides a comprehensive network of social services that serve individuals of all ages, families and communities in need throughout Northwest Indiana. We are committed to restoring hope, dignity, and a sense of security for individuals of all ages. Whenever possible, we aim to pave a road toward empowerment, enabling those we serve to thrive.