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We're Here For YOU...Your BABY...Your FAMILY

Since 1937, Catholic Charities has provided assistance to pregnant women. Professional, caring and effective services are what we are all about.

Help is a phone call away.

Catholic Charities is licensed by the State of Indiana Department of Children and Family Services.

To download and print our Adoption Information form, please click here.

Pregnancy & Adoption ServicesPregnancy...

When it happens unexpectedly, sorting through the issues can be difficult. How will this affect my life? What are my options? What resources are available to me? Who can I talk to that will understand my feelings? Few moments in life are more difficult and confusing than an unexpected pregnancy. The professional staff at Catholic Charities can assist you with all of these questions and more. We will help you face your pregnancy and support you through it.

Many women who find themselves in this situation frequently do not know all of the options available to them. Catholic Charities provides information about adoption as a possible life choice.

Pregnancy & Adoption ServicesAt Catholic Charities you will be treated with respect and dignity. All services are completely confidential and you will not be pressured into any decision. We understand how important this decision will be and can help you sort through the answers.

Adoption Options...

Catholic Charities provides flexibility in adoptive parent choices. As the birth mother, you can choose parents that meet your criteria. Adoptive parents may be chosen from profiles that explain the couple in detail - heritage, physical characteristics, education, work, interests, goals, home life, etc. Catholic Charities offers several different types of adoptions, including:

Pregnancy & Adoption Services
  • Semi-Open Adoption
    You select from a variety of adoptive couple profiles and may meet the couple that you select to be the parents of your child. You also have the option of having ongoing exchanges of pictures and letters concerning your child.
  • Closed Adoption
    You, as birth mother, choose to have no information exchanged about the adoptive couple or your child.
  • Agency Infant
    Work with Catholic Charities towards an infant placement.
  • Private Adoption
    Working with families who want a home study completed for an adoption. These are families who are usually working with an attorney. Catholic Charities also provides post placement visits if needed.
  • Step Parent Adoption
    Working with families who want a home study completed for a step-parent adoption.
  • Relative Adoptions
    Working with families who want a home study completed for a relative adoption.

About Adoptive Families

Catholic Charities has a thorough screening process for all prospective adoptive families to assess each couple’s ability to provide a loving and secure home.

  • A very detailed home study is conducted which includes home visits to ensure safe living conditions
  • Personal references and finances are reviewed
  • A criminal history check is completed on each adoptive parent

You are in control of the decision. Please be assured that your child will not be placed in a home unless you agree and are comfortable with the selection you make.

Services Provided at No Cost

  • Personal counseling to help you arrive at a comfortable decision
  • Counseling for family members of the birth mother and birth father
  • Community resource assistance
  • Ongoing counseling and support after the birth of your child
  • Designing your own adoption plan
  • Assistance with medical expenses for the infant

For information regarding services contact:
6919 Indianapolis Boulevard
Hammond, IN 46324
(219) 844-4883

Adoption Emergency
Joanne Pivarnik
(219) 588-2846

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"We Help Those In Need"
Our Approach

The Counseling Program of Catholic Charities serves individuals, couples, families and children. (Children under eight years of age are seen with their parents or guardian.)

Counseling is designed to provide interventions to the life problems presented by the client. Individuals and families encountering minor stresses or major disruptions are helped through counseling and the development of life management skills.

Therapy is provided by experienced therapists. Daytime and evening appointments are available for the client's convenience.

Counseling sessions may be scheduled once a week, once a month, or as often as needed.

Getting started is easy. Just call one of our local offices to schedule an appointment. Our staff will answer your questions and arrange for your initial appointment at the earliest and most convenient time available.

All members of our counseling staff are experienced service providers. Many have special training or expertise in dealing with specific needs or problems. All counselors at Catholic Charities are dedicated to helping their clients resolve problems and develop healthy and effective ways of coping with life's demands.

Individuals, families, adolescents, parents & children, and groups can address issues of adolescent behavior, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, grief, sexual or substance abuse, and self-esteem.

Pregnancy Counseling
Provides counseling for women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy; connecting them with local medical, housing and educational resources to maintain their pregnancy and, if adoption of the baby is the ultimate choice, provides matching with appropriate adoptive families.

School-Based Counseling
Offers prevention services, classroom presentation, and behavioral health services for children in Catholic schools.

Our Service Goals

  • Compassionate service by qualified professionals
  • Affordable services (a sliding fee scale available for qualified families)
  • Accessible hours & Convenient locations
  • Confidential sessions
  • Individualized treatment plans

Office Locations

6919 Indianapolis Boulevard
Hammond, IN 46324
(219) 844-4883

Anthony Panozzo, Program Manager
(219) 844-4883

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Services to help individuals and families overcome an immediate financial crisis.

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Program Manager
LaShawn Jones-Taylor
(219) 886-3549 ext 330

Valerie Goode
(219) 886-3549

Stephanie Miller
(219) 886-3549

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Emergency Services - Food Pantry - East Chicago


Permanent Housing for Chronically Homeless Persons with Disabilities

Gateway is a Shelter Plus Care program that uses funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to provide permanent housing for the Chronically Homeless.

Over the next five years, Gateway will provide housing for 50 Chronically Homeless individuals and families.

The primary goal of Gateway is to relieve the most immediate and painful symptom of the chronically homeless: having no place to call home. Stable housing then becomes a Gateway to a more independent, healthy and dignified life.

Gateway Housing

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services SAMHSA report Blueprint for Change, "Ending chronic homelessness among people with serious mental illness and/or co-occurring substance use disorders is an achievable goal (2003)." Gateway represents a step towards that goal for Northwest Indiana.

Gateway provides client assistance with the following:

  • Help in finding an apartment
  • Payment of the application fee, security deposit, and monthly rent and utilities
  • Periodic assistance in the form of donated food and household items
  • Ongoing case management support - at least two contacts per month including one home visit

Unlike previous approaches that made housing assistance conditional upon certain behaviors like sobriety or therapy attendance, Gateway follows the Housing First model, which holds that other healthy choices will more naturally follow once stable housing is in place. However, there are certain limited expectations of participants.

Gateway Qualified Participants are:

  • Chronically homeless: Living in places not intended for human habitation (i.e., streets, cars, shelters, or abandoned buildings)
  • With one year of continuous homelessness or four documented periods (one month or more) of homelessness over the last three years
  • And suffer from at least one of the following (as documented by a licensed physician):
    • Mental illness
    • Drug Abuse Disorder

Gateway Participants Must:

  • Commit to allowing at least two contacts/home visits per month from Catholic Charities case managers.
  • Commit to contributing 30% of their income to Catholic Charities to be applied toward their housing.

Click here for HMIS Statement of Privacy Practices

940 Broadway
Gary IN 46402
Phone: 219-886-3549

Program Manager:
Kay Hosmer, MSW

Case Manager:
Kay Hosmer
(219) 886-9096

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Do you want to own a home?
Becoming a homeowner can be very rewarding. However, it is not always the right choice for everyone. Catholic Charities can help you decide if homeownership is best for you! Call Catholic Charities to register for the next Housing Counseling session.

Housing counseling offers:

  • Pre-homebuyer education: Group seminars and one-on-one counseling
  • Pre-purchase qualification: Shopping for a loan
  • Credit counseling: Repairing bad credit, financial literacy
  • Budgeting: Realistic and responsible borrowing
  • Working with a real estate agent: Finding your dream home

Note: Down payment assistance may be available to qualified buyers

For information on Catholic Charities Housing Counseling, please contact Ed Merrion at (219) 879-9312.

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Housing Counseling

Housing Counseling


Refugee Services
Family reunification services for refugees

Hispanic Services
Includes bi-lingual case management, emergency assistance, and support for individuals and families

Wheelchair Ramp Builders
Volunteers meet a minimum of one day a week during favorable weather to construct a wheelchair ramp for an elderly and/or disabled person who can then remain living safely at home or can return to their home from the hospital or nursing home. To successfully replicate this project in Lake and Porter Counties requires a volunteer coordinator living in each county. Their volunteer responsibilities are: (1)to assist in recruiting additional volunteers in ramp building areas, (2)to review applications of potential wheelchair ramp recipients, and (3)to assist in coordinating the project between counties.

Click here to learn more about our Wheelchair Ramp Program. 

Children’s Vision Screening
Volunteers, trained by Prevent Blindness Indiana, screen 3 to 6 year old children in elementary and preschools for eyesight problems.  When problems are detected, children are referred to a vision professional.  Prevent Blindness Indiana vouchers are provided so that referred children from low-income families may receive an exam & glasses at no cost. To successfully move this project into Lake and Porter Counties, we need local volunteer coordinators to: (1) assist in recruiting additional volunteers in vision screening areas, (2) assist in determining schools for screening, (3) coordinate volunteer training and (4) coordinate screenings at the schools.

SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistances Programs)
There are many saving programs available to Medicare beneficiaries.  Just to name a few are Medicare Savings Program, Extra Help and Hoosier Rx.  Call to make an appointment.

Free Legal Assistance: Call for additional information
Gary: Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic is a non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation offering pro bono legal representation and preventive legal education to low income families, including immigrant families. They accept clients whose income is at or below 125%* of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  Available twice a month.
East Chicago: Indiana Legal Services (ILS) is a nonprofit law firm that provides free civil legal assistance to eligible low-income people throughout the state of Indiana. ILS helps clients who are faced with legal problems that harm their ability to have such basics as food, shelter, income, medical care or personal safety. Available twice a week.

Vision USA: VISION USA provides free eye exams to eligible, low-income individuals. Services are donated by volunteer optometrists who are members of the American Optometric Association and may be limited in some areas. If you are eligible to receive services, you will be matched with a volunteer doctor of optometry who will provide a comprehensive eye exam at no charge. Call to make an appointment.

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