A safe and decent home allows parents to maintain jobs, children to stay in the same schools, and the local economy to be supported. Having a home also underscores the inherent dignity of the persons who live there.

Our Community Outreach program provides financial assistance and support services to help resolve issues that may lead to financial instability and homelessness. We can help with past due rent/mortgage, and utilities. We also offer various care packages during the year to help families with material assistance items so they can take steps towards self-sufficiency.

By providing financial assistance through our Community Outreach program, Catholic Charities is creating hope and a brighter future for individuals and families at risk of eviction, or their gas or light disconnection.

The best way to reach us is via email: outreach@catholic-charities.org.

A Father's Story

My name is LaShawn Jones-Taylor and I am the Community Outreach Program Manager a Catholic Charities. I have been on staff at this social service organization for 9 years and throughout the entire time have worked with our Community Outreach program.

Our Community Outreach program’s mission is to be the safeguard against possible hardship and adversity for individuals and families. The Community Outreach program provides a helping hand to families within the four counties that we serve. In the 9 years I have been here we have assisted many households including single fathers that have fallen into hard times and just need some assistance to ensure safe and secure housing for their families.

We could not do this without the generosity of donors. The gifts we receive from our donors is vital to success of the Community Outreach program and Catholic Charities as a whole. Especially during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 all donations are greatly appreciated and needed.

Thank you for your partnership with us!

Community Outreach Testimony