Tabor House

Housing is often the greatest barrier to moving out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. The Tabor House is a single-family home located in Gary, Indiana that presents an opportunity for a family to work with a Catholic Charities housing manager with the goal of purchasing a Habitat for Humanity home.

A Catholic Charities case manager will work with the Tabor House client to help identify goals and develop an action plan to meet those goals. Clients are required to participate in HUD financial workshop classes and monthly meetings with their housing manager to review goal objectives and achievements.

Quality, stable housing, which the Tabor House makes possible, is a foundation for self-sufficiency. Children learn more in stable housing; children who move frequently often perform worse in school. Stable housing can allow adults to re-enter the workforce, pursue higher education, and develop new skills.

This program helps clients take a giant step towards building their financial capabilities and assets and achieving their goal of becoming a homeowner.

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